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Pastoral Counseling and Preaching

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Does counseling affect preaching? Does preaching affect counseling? Donald Capps offers a perceptive examination of how counseling and preaching do influence each other and how both can be improved when one realizes the close relationship between them.
."Not only can preaching profit from pastoral counseling," writes Capps, "but pastoral counseling also has much to gain from preaching." He discusses the common features of the sermon and the counseling session, how counselors can proclaim the gospel message through their counseling, and how preachers can counsel through their sermons. Using actual counseling cases and sermons by well-known authorities, Capps demonstrates how the gospel can better be served when preaching and counseling are brought closer in concept, method, and practice.
.'Pastoral Counseling and Preaching'--a valuable resource in bringing about a fuller, more integrated understanding of the Christian ministry.

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Additional Info

Pages 156
Published 2003
Volume N/A
Publisher WIPF & STOCK


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