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War is threatening. The grey parrot with the bright red tail named Kasuku is flying as fast as he can to reach the village of Kiritiri and the hut of the powerful and aging warrior, Chief Pachunga. But if Kjaz-Barbaroi, an evil leader with designs on ruling Africa, gets to the hut first, it will be too late for all of them.

Kasuku carries orders from Olugbala to tell the chief, who has been held prisoner for three rainy seasons, that he must raise an army to fight against Kjaz-Barbaroi and his contingent of Dark Creatures. Pachunga and the parrot narrowly escape the village, and with Kjaz-Barbaroi close behind, they face constant danger. Joined by Muriel Sniggins, the trio travels through the jungle, descend into a cave system inhabited by a long-lost race of people, and finally reach the savannah.

As they journey, Pachunga's army continues to grow person by person, group by group. In the meantime, Kjaz-Barbaroi's army also gets larger and larger. Each day brings them closer and closer to the final battle. Pachunga wonders if his army will be large enough, strong enough, and brave enough to defeat the evil Kjaz-Barbaroi.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Pages 256
Published 2010
Volume N/A
Publisher iUNIVERSE


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