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Welcome to the Trinity Bookstore

About Us

The Trinity Bookstore, located in the Commons Hall Building at Trinity School for Ministry, is a resource for students, faculty, staff, and fellow travelers in the greater Pittsburgh area. The hours for the Trinity Bookstore, Ambridge, PA location are Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm.

The store carries:

  • Academic textbooks for all Trinity School for Ministry degrees
  • Books written by Trinity faculty and alumni
  • Bible commentaries and other academic theological titles
  • Bibles
  • Prayer Books and Hymnals for Anglican, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Lutheran worship
  • Devotionals and calendars
  • Apparel with embroidered Trinity seal: Seasonal vest and jackets
  • Imported silk bowties from England and wool scarves from Cambridge England (in the school colors)
  • Handsome coffee mugs for home and travel
  • International items: Coptic crosses, Hunan crafts, Uganda Gold coffee, Marsabit Mother’s Bead Items

A select group of bookstore items are available for sale through the Trinity Bookstore website,

You may call for more information or leave an inquiry on the bookstore website.

Trinity School for Ministry Bookstore
311 Eleventh St
Ambridge PA 15003

724-266-4617 (fax)


A little bit about Trinity School for Ministry: We are an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition.


A prayer for Trinity School for Ministry: Almighty God, the great Lord of the harvest, who calls and equips people for the ministry of your Gospel: we thank you for raising up Trinity, its faculty, staff, students, trustees, and supporters, and for enabling us to equip men and women for ordained and lay ministry in the Church. We ask you to sustain and expand this work. Establish us in the grace of your Holy Spirit t be your faithful witnesses and send many more out on your mission to the world. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

(The Rev Dr Justyn Terry, Dean of Trinity School for Ministry).