Discovering the New Testament - Second Book in the Foundations for Christian Ministry

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Many Christians have a desire to learn more about the Bible. Discovering the New Testament is designed to be the overture to a lifetime of listening to God speak through his written Word and of applying that Word to your life.

For those unfamiliar with the riches of the New Testament, this book aims to give an overview of the major books and themes in a clear and memorable way. For those who "know the score," this book will provide a useful review of major facts and ideas about the New Testament and provide opportunities for applying its message to daily living.

In this book, the New Testament will be approached as a collection of writings that witnesses in a coherent way - though from different perspectives - to the life and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. It assumes that the New Testament is a trustworthy document, written in history, and containing what is necessary to know about matters of Christian faith and life in today's world. Knowing the content of the New Testament is essential for Christians who wish to understand and testify to the good news of Jesus Christ.

This book is a part of the Foundations for Christian Ministry (FCM) curriculum. FCM is a series designed to train lay people for Christian life and ministry, and can be undertaken as a church-based, small group, or individual study. The purpose of FCM is to encourage and strengthen Christian formation, discipleship, and witness for all members of Christ's body through biblically sound and theologically orthodox study.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Gospels

    1. Jesus in the New Testament
    2. The Gospel According to Mark
    3. The Gospel According to Matthew 
    4. The Gospel According to Luke
    5. The Gospel According to John
    6. The Hinge of History

    Part 2: The Acts and the Epistles

    7. The Acts of the Apostles
    8. Paul’s Early Letters
    9. Paul’s Longest Letters
    10. Paul’s Letters from Prison
    11. The Pastoral Letters and the General Letters
    12. Past, Present, and Future 

    About the Authors

    Les and Lynn Fairfield taught at Trinity School for Ministry for thirty years. Les was Professor of Church History, and Lynn was an instructor in Adult Education. Lynn was also Assistant Professor of English at Geneva College.

    Peter Walker is Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry. He has written numerous books on the Bible and the Holy Land including, In the Steps of Jesus, In the Steps of St. Paul, The Jesus Way, and The Lion Guide to the Bible.