Learning the Anglican Story - Fourth Book in the Foundations for Christian Ministry Series

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Why did the English Reformation happen? How is Anglicanism different from other Protestant traditions? When did the Church of England become the Anglican Communion? And how did we end up with Evangelical, Anglo-Catholic and Charismatic Anglicans? You will discover the answers to these and many other questions in Learning the Anglican Story.

This workbook will lead you through the history of Anglicanism - from its ancient Christian roots in the British Isles to its global reach in the twenty-first century. Written in a conversational style and packed with stories from Anglican history, it will inform, entertain and challenge you to grasp the breadth and variety of what we mean by "Anglicanism."

This book is a part of the Foundations for Christian Ministry (FCM) curriculum. FCM is a non-degree curriculum designed to train laypeople for Christian life and ministry, and can be undertaken as parish-based, small-group, or individual study. The purpose of FCM is to encourage and strengthen Christian formation, discipleship, and witness for all members of Christ’s body through study that is biblically sound and theologically orthodox.

Table of Contents

  1. The Anglican Way
  2. Christianity in the British Isles (314–1525)
  3. The English Reformation (1525–1603)
  4. The English Civil War and the Scientific Revolution (1603–1736)
  5. Holiness and Evangelical Revivals in England (1735–1791)
  6. The Church of England in Colonial America (1607–1789)
  7. Anglican Evangelicals in England and America (1787–1873)
  8. Anglo-Catholics in the Church of England (1833–1867)
  9. The Episcopal Church in the United States (1789–1873)
  10. Modernism in England and America (1860–1940)
  11. The Anglican Communion (1789–2018)
  12. Two Churches: West and South (1938–2018) 249

About the Author:

Les Fairfield is Professor Emeritus of Church History at Trinity School for Ministry. He taught at the seminary for thirty years and continues to teach occasional classes during Trinity's InterTerms. He now lives in Amherst, MA with his wife, Lynn.